In praise of the obvious

When you’re playing a word game like Scrabble, it helps to move your letters around. Just a simple shuffle of the same letters will show you combinations that your brain couldn’t see before.

There’s a similar case to be made for writing about something that seems obvious. 

Even if the idea or story is the same, a different frame, or context, or detail might be exactly what someone reading your piece needs to actually gain understanding, or to change their mind. 

That rings true for ourselves, too; sometimes we’ve heard the same thing for months (years!), only to hear it once more in a new context to finally get it. (There’s a similar rule in advertising.)

For whatever reason, this was the time we finally got it.

That’s why it can be worth exploring something that your inner critic deems obvious, particularly if you’re enthusiastic about it or if you have something new that you want to add, or if you’ve found yourself constantly repeating yourself.

Write it, and let other people decide if they want to read it.

See say it your way (and the redux), and your noise, my song. Also, see don’t become a content machine—the only version of obvious we need less of. All riffs on a similar topic!

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