Highlighting the practice

My friend Nik wrote something kind about me and this blog. I really appreciated this excerpt:

A writer who can maintain a daily blog through the chaotic storm that everyday life can be is a much stronger writer than someone who only types when they feel like they have the time for it — and whenever their art takes center stage again, they’ll come back swinging.

This feels true to me. If I don’t write even for 2-3 days, the lack of practice accumulates quickly. I wrack my brain for something—anything!—and simultaneously, none of the ideas I have written down seem good enough to pick up. Steven Pressfield has written something similar, albeit about much larger projects and much greater resistance:

What’s weird for me is that I’ve gone through this fifty times on previous projects, but I always FORGET how hard it was. Looking back, I remember struggling a bit … but not like what I’m going through THIS time.

Thankfully, mental gymnastics aside, writing a blog post is a relatively straightforward task (especially now that I’ve done it 800 times or so), so I can get back into it. Writing this blog energizes the other aspects of my life, and at the end of the day, it’s a practice—not an audition or performance.

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