Gohar World

Entrepreneurs and artists Laila and Nadia Gohar built a world for their tableware products.

Laila tells me that she and Nadia kind of imagine Gohar World, the Cairo-born sisters’ nine-month-old line of cheeky and exquisite host- and tableware, as a planet. Laila is standing in a voluminous white Simone Rocha skirt and snub-nosed Gucci slides at an induction burner making studio lunch. (At least once a week, Laila’s endearingly grandmotherly studio lunches can be glimpsed on Instagram. Today it’s strozzapreti and potatoes.) “Or maybe a touring circus company,” she offers, tipping water from a tomato can into her pot. “Especially when we go places, and there’s food flying out of the car and highly toxic materials like shellac.” …

When I ask them to muse on the governance of the imaginary planet, Gohar World, Nadia replies, “I think the government is beans.”

Tamar Adler for Vogue

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