Get optimism out of your head

The optimistic bias is powerful; even the most successful confidence artists, often the manipulators of their marks’ optimism, are susceptible to its bias. 

Whether it’s biases like motivated reasoning, some version of magical thinking (like lucky girl syndrome), or Solomon’s paradox—or perhaps all of them together!—optimism can all too quickly inflate expectations.

One of the best things you can do with optimism, or motivation, is to make it work as a temporary fuel to get out of your own head and into the real world. Don’t feed the hope with your imagination—let the real world serve it.

Write your evidence, goals, and visions down. Look for people who have achieved what you want to do (they’ll look like magicians!), and study their work. Ask them questions about how to make it happen. Discover some structured paths to make it happen, which you can execute on a step at a time. 

Discuss these paths and plans with your friends, with the goal of seeking their support, or getting another honest pair of eyes and opinions on the topic.

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