Focus on the work

I really like this excerpt from an interview with cinematographer Brad Rushing:

I do try and keep faith in myself and honestly, when I do have crises with the system or success, a nebulous thing, I really get basic. I go back and remind, “Brad, you’re an artist. That was the contract you made. You never said you wanted to be rich.” 

I don’t care about being rich. I would like to be self-sufficient. I’d like to be secure. If I was rich it would be okay, but I’d be donating, helping, andI just don’t need a super yacht and an island. 

I remind myself of the contract that I made was that I wanted to be an artist, simple as that. 

I look at the work that I’ve done, I look at the work that I am doing and even if those people don’t like it or those people don’t like it, or even if everybody likes it and I don’t get a job or an award, it’s like you know what? You’ve got to do the work. 

Somebody gave you the toys. Somebody gave you the sandbox and they let you build your sandcastle and then that’s enough.

What a great perspective. Lose yourself in your work.

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