Fans stick together

A fan is a person.

That person who watches The Mandalorian might want to listen to the Midnight Boys and House of R while they wash dishes or during their commute. 

For most of the day though, the person isn’t actively being a fan. 

They’re working at their job, they’re making contributions to other people as a child, parent, friend, cousin, neighbor, or community member. They’re doing their best, or at least trying to. (Outside of their careers, perhaps even inside it, everyone is a multi-hyphenate in some way.)

There’s an opportunity here to connect with other people, and enrich their lives, through mutual fandom. 

You can teach what you need to teach, through the characters, plotlines, and values that the media or community shares. 

If you do it well, you will break through and people will recognize you as a fellow fan and contributor, and want to learn more about your work.

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