“Exaggeration with a purpose”

One of my favorite passages in The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene (recommended in this month’s Best of Books):

“What we must understand about the attitude is not only how it colors our perceptions but also how it actively determines what happens to us in life—our health, our relations with people, and our success. Our attitude has a self-fulfilling dynamic….

“Do not be afraid to exaggerate the role of willpower. It is an exaggeration with a purpose. It leads to a positive self-fulfilling dynamic, and that is all you care about. See this shaping of your attitude as your most important creation in life, and never leave it to chance.”

I love the acknowledgement of purposeful exaggeration.

No, our willpower and attitudes can’t fix everything, and still we must believe it can if we want a chance at changing our circumstances. Practiced enough times, maybe it could be enough.

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