Don’t let Twitter teach you how to write

Social media platforms like Twitter are businesses, and their business models usually do not have your education in mind. 

Their business models usually involve getting the most reach for their platform and selling advertising. It’s agnostic to what content that is, even if it’s inflammatory, inaccurate, or miseducation. 

Professor Algorithm really isn’t a professor at all; it’s not qualified to teach you how to write.

Professor Algorithm really is Promoter Algorithm, and it’s designed to amplify whichever content that can make the Platform more money. 

Treating the Algorithm like the Promoter it is, and the social media platform for the business it is, means no longer letting it dictate what you write, or to ascribe value to your writing with metrics like pageviews, earnings, or reads. 

Your work is good. You’re good. Ignore the stats. Keep working and keep showing people.

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