Creative Doing, at Sharpen Your Edge

I recently joined my friend Dr. Greg Wells at his podcast, Sharpen Your Edge. It usually airs at LinkedIn on Thursdays at noon et, you can catch this one at YouTube:

One of the themes we talk about is how creativity is innate and every person is creative; indeed, many of us draw in school, we just stop somewhere along the way. I mentioned adult coloring books, and Greg elaborated on that (“It’s super awesome for decompressing”).

We also talked a lot about the origin story of my book Creative Doing (I go into that really in-depth for Human Parts!), how my passion for reading and blogging—and my parents’ support of both!—really helped me tap into my creative operation and passion.

I really appreciate Greg’s work, he’s been constantly writing as well. Check out his upcoming Powerhouse, and his latest, Rest, Focus, Recharge.

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