Contentions: Writing to understand

Writing can be a tool for marketing, creating media, and building an audience. But it’s definitely not the most valuable use of it.

Many people and teams are constantly patterning themselves after what they see and believe to be successful. That’s because if they didn’t mimic the best practices, they don’t know what they would do. They don’t know who they really are yet.

They don’t know it because they haven’t done the work to understand it.

Writing to understand who you are is one of the most valuable benefits that come from practice. In a world where so many people are looking at each other, copying blindly, it’s definitely an advantage to know who you are and to stay true to that.

That’s what branding really is about; you can’t connect ideas with products if you don’t know what ideas you value and what story your product is telling.

See also don’t think to write, write to think.

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