Contentions: Viewer discretion is advised

Beware people and products that position themselves to create a problem; to exacerbate a discomfort and dissatisfaction in your present life. 

For example, that job you were entirely satisfied with doesn’t look as appealing as the creator who claims to make passive income and is recording a video from a beach in Hawaii. 

Usually, someone else stands to gain from your dissatisfaction. They want you to think that your life isn’t so good—creating a pain and dissatisfaction in you—so that you’ll take an action to change; in this case, probably to try to strike it independent, and to buy their product that’ll teach you how to do so.

This is a classic trope in internet marketing; a manufactured dissatisfaction with the present.

That’s a thin, blurry, line between noticing a problem or a good opportunity, learning more about it, and being open to it, and impulsively emotionally falling for someone’s provocation in the hopes that they can make some profit off you.

Resist the urge to buy into the image of someone else’s life; to believe that it’s better than what you have in front of you.

Work with people who can support you with solving your problems, without making you more miserable about your circumstances.

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