Contentions: Help people write what they know

Last week, I was discussing a draft of a blog post with the CEO of one of Wonder Shuttle’s client companies. The CEO was impressed. He’d spent barely five minutes preparing before joining my writing team and me for an hour-long interview; a few days later, he received a coherent, structured, outline demonstrating his expertise from us.

If I were to guess, you probably have something like that too; you read the news and feel something in your stomach or in your chest, like you have a response to this. Or, someone you know emails you asking for your expertise, and you know you could write a really long response. 

That’s when you should be writing a blog post. 

In this case, while the CEO was surprised, I wasn’t; he and his team think rigorously about their industry. They’ve experienced a lot of business success because of that, and people want to do business with them. They’re not well-known yet because they haven’t managed to scale that presence and those conversations through media. 

Similarly, my team and I spend a lot of time writing, reading, and editing. We’ve worked with tons of teams and leaders to organize their thoughts.

One of the benefits to working with a team like Wonder Shuttle is we can help direct the interview to where we know a client’s expertise is. For example, we can start with a small, relevant, news event and the client can explain what she thinks will happen because she’s studied the industry—and worked in it—for decades. An hour later, she has demonstrated how she thinks and advises her customers to think about these problems, and we get to work organizing the words and ideas.

One of the premises of Wonder Shuttle’s collaborative writing service is that there’s a lot of subject matter expertise stuck inside people’s brains. Writing a blog post is a challenge, because they’re out of practice, and also because they’re not confident their ideas are ready for the public. 

There’s absolutely no way that even the best freelance writer or content marketer could have written something like this with even 10 hours of research, without guidance from someone more experienced. No, the writer is much better off sticking to what they know best: how to communicate ideas clearly, and collaborating with the expert to make something awesome.

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