Contentions: Content strategy, in action, at a very early startup

If you want to see a cool example of content strategy in action at a really early stage startup (pre-product, pre-seed, etc.), check out Aboard’s podcast.

It’s just a podcast, accompanied by transcripts, which they launched after a launch party to keep people updated because the product was taking longer to develop than they’d estimated. (The first episode is an apology for that.)

I like the way they describe the premise of the podcast in episode three, “This podcast isn’t gonna be talking about how great the product is. Even though we may say that sometimes. It’s gonna be about what we’re going through and just this entire experience.” That’s a great editorial direction and content strategy.

I’m a big fan of Paul’s and Rich’s work with marketing their previous business, Postlight. Check out the podcast here, the insights here.

They’ve also started what seems to be a separate podcast outside of Aboard.

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