Believe it

Donny Deutsch writes in Often Wrong, Never in Doubt:

There are 20,000 advertising copywriters in New York City right now. If I polled them, I’m absolutely positive that 19,990 would say they deserve to be a creative director. “I’m working for them, I’m smarter than they are, I do all the work…” Every one of them. But until they say, “I should have that job, if not here, someplace else—and here’s why,” they’ll stay at their desks and begrudgingly meet their deadlines.

When you start believing you deserve it, you’ll need to behave differently as well.

You’ll start job hunting. You’ll take greater ambition in your work. You will learn how to discern between proper constructive criticism and other people’s negative emotions leaking out. 

In those ways, you start to make your vision for yourself come true.

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