Apple’s first store was awesome

When Ye announced the Yeezy stores, I wrote this thread:

Yeezy is one of the most exciting, energetic, and relevant businesses in the world right now, which makes it worth investigating. There’s a clear connection Ye wants to make between himself and Steve Jobs, so naturally I looked into Apple stores and came across this video:

It looks super modest, compared to Apple’s incredible retail stores of today—which have been compared to temples!—and people still remember this first store really fondly.

Steve Jobs and the Apple team clearly put a lot of thought into it, and crafted a simple, straightforward, and clear explanation. I love the points on solutions and the categories Apple picked, as well as the introduction of the Genius bar.

Fashion products are different from technology products, so I have no doubt Yeezy will figure out its own way to make its store as outstanding as Apple’s was.

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