5 sentences on Ye speaking things into existence

One of the most compelling parts of Ye’s backstory is how he tries to speak outcomes into existence (an example is in this interview).

“Think it. Say it. Do it,” writes Ye and J. Sakiya Sandifer in Thank You and You’re Welcome.

Ye’s perspective comes from roots in prosperity gospel, one of the tenets of which is, “Generative power of positive thought: People share in God’s power to create by means of thought; they can shape their own worlds by their thinking.”

Ye’s belief in himself alone would be worthless, but he channels his confidence to power his doing, and he does a lot.

The self-belief and self-confidence—gifts from his parents—is just the beginning, enabling him to withstand once being called a cheap version of Just Blaze to the heights of more than one industry.

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