100 different offers

People don’t reject you, they reject your offer. This applies to pitches, demos, job interviews, and pretty much every other thing that requires collaboration. 

The solution here is to change the offer. If you’re what you’re offering, change what you bring to the table and learn a new skill. If you don’t think it’s a skill problem, change your presentation and connect it with how you can solve one of the company’s expensive, painful, problems. Alex Hormozi writes in $100M Offers:

If you try one hundred offers, I promise you will succeed. Most people never try anything. Others fail once, then give up. It takes resilience to succeed. Stop personalizing! It’s not about you! If your offer doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you suck. It means your offer sucks. Big difference. You only suck if you stop trying. So, try again. You’ll never become world class if you stop after a failed attempt.

That’s a lot of offers, and it’s inspiring. One good one will inevitably emerge from it. Hormozi shares a really great example. Instead of the classic agency retainer model, here’s the offer his company makes:

Pay one time. (No recurring fee. No retainer.) Just cover ad spend. I’ll generate leads and work your leads for you. And only pay me if people show up. And I’ll guarantee you get 20 people in your first month, or you get your next month free. I’ll also provide all the best practices from the other businesses like yours. 

Daily sales coaching for your staff 

Tested scripts 

Tested price points and offers to swipe and deploy 

Sales recordings 

. . . and everything else you need to sell and fulfill your customers. I’ll give you the entire play book for (insert industry), absolutely free just for becoming a client. In a nutshell, I’m feeding people into your business, showing you, exactly, how to sell them so that you can get the highest prices, which means that you make the most money possible . . . sound fair enough?

If you want more information about it, check out $100M Offers
Also, quality emerges from quantity.

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