Where’s the opening?

“Low hanging fruit” has become an excuse to do boring things, so we need a new one. I liked this one I came across in therapy: “Where’s the opening?”

Most action plans are set too far into the future; we must start closer to where we are right now. If you want to write a book, what can you do to get yourself to write today; perhaps in the next hour? If you want to meet new people, where can you fit it into your current schedule? 

This also balances out a tendency to think about changes in an extreme way; for example, we don’t do financial plans because that means spending lots of time on the dreariness of budgeting—and we’ll never be able to eat the food we like. (Not true!)

Instead, look for an opening in each moment of the day. Make it alive time. Whenever you find yourself with an unexpected extra pocket of time—and there are plenty—there’s an opening.

Choose to open it, and see what happens.

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