There Is No Right Way to Do This

Find and unlock your unique creative process.

If you want to improve your creativity for your full-time job, or independently pursue creative skills and projects in your spare time, this is the book for you. It’s also the perfect companion for people doing or interested in trying daily creative challenges (such as #The100DayProject, #100daysofpractice, or SketchDaily).

“It’s the kind of book that makes you want to get started. Not tomorrow. Not eventually when the timing is right. Today.” — Peter Sum, Early-Stage Marketing Leader

An updated version of There Is No Right Way to Do This will be published with Holloway in Summer 2021. If you’re interested, sign up below for updates.

About the digital book:

Across 3 sections and 9 chapters, this digital book is 112 pages and contains 46 different propositions that will guide you to discover your own specific creative process and preferences. Some examples include: 

  • Learning to let go of results
  • Simplifying a creative operation into 20 seconds
  • Timeboxing and sizeboxing 
  • Leaving a creative decision up to chance
  • Seeking feedback from other creators
  • Promoting and selling the creative work

These propositions have been recommended or practiced by creators across all disciplines—visual artists, recording artists, music producers, designers, writers and authors, scientists, software developers, comedians, and entrepreneurs. 

The propositions also span throughout history—with insights from Leonardo da Vinci, Allen Ginsberg, and Richard Feynman, to contemporary creators such as Grammy award winner Dacoury Natche (DJ Dahi), 100 Day Project facilitator Lindsay Jean Thomson, and visual artist Michael Saviello (Big Mike).

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About the author:

Herbert Lui has been writing since he was 15. His editorial studio, Wonder Shuttle, has worked with companies such as Shopify, Twilio, and Skillshare, and organizations like the City of Toronto to coach their teams on writing and to start or level up their blogs. He has written at Medium since 2013, and joined Lifehacker as a staff writer. His writing has appeared in Fast Company, Business Insider, and Quartz

His passion for the creative process has led him to compile and edit The World According to Kanye, which was featured at Hypebeast, The FADER, and Complex. He also hosted Prologue, a video series where recording artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone, and A$AP Ferg discussed the early days of their creative journeys.

What people have said about Herbert’s work:

“Herbert is an extremely driven and talented individual with the rare ability to turn complicated subject matter into an easy to follow story. He is instrumental in helping developing and evolving our voice. His work challenges you to think critically as a reader and allows you to apply your own context to the information being presented. This is extremely rare in today’s noisy content space, and something I find incredibly valuable.” — Tommy Walker, former global editor-in-chief, QuickBooks

“That was the best interview I ever did.” A$AP Ferg, recording artist, entrepreneur