How music taps into your creative gold mine

Two strange creativity chargers: Songs on repeat and movies with the sound off A few years ago, I procrastinated on my homework by reading books on productivity. Yeah, it was weird. (Another topic for another day.) One of the productivity systems I noticed was David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I don’t really use the full […]

The Case for Working Relaxed

I’ve long considered Pharrell Williams and Kanye West two sides of the same coin. Pharrell, the zenned out, laid back, happy-go-lucky, type of artist (reminiscent of Rick Rubin in how relaxed he is). Kanye is the polar opposite — manic, outspoken, angry, upset type of artist. Some might say that there would be no Kanye […]

Rust builds quickly

Sharpen your tools every day My folks used to make me practice piano everyday. Three songs, six times each (and eventually ten) during regular season. Then, when I was rounding exam season, I’d practice each song five times perfectly. If I played even one wrong note incorrectly, or I messed up the tempo of it, […]

Why Quantity Should be Your Priority

The Key to Higher Quality is Higher Quantity When Kobe was developing his jumper he’d spend his offseason making 2,000 shots a day. Not taking. Making. — Chad Ridgeway, Bleacher Report I was recently reminded of a simple general principle to operate by, especially for those of us in the early phases of mastery or […]